There is the practical side of clothing and shoes: the need to keep us warm or cool, to protect us.
Then there is the fashion side, which at its best is expression of ones personal style and values. And at worst, it is a frivolous chase from one trend to next amounting to piles of    ill-consider, ill-fitting, poor quality items that get tossed to make room for the next load of crap.
This is why educated, conscious consuming habits can help us choose items we actually love, want to keep and take care of.
A bit deeper dive into understanding what goes on behind the scenes of the supply chain that creates our clothes, shoes and accessories can help us make decisions that work for our wallets and values. It makes us external stakeholders rather than passive bystanders. With our choices, especially the changes in our buying habits, we can affect what the future of fashion looks like.
But where to start?
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